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Chaque jour, nous confectionnons avec passion nos applications et systèmes informatiques avec une seule mission satisfaire nos clients. 

Davy Foulatier

Fondateur & CEO – FORMATEUR

Alex Cessinas

Chef de projet & Référent Handicap

Killian Chrétien

Ingénieur DevOps & électronicien

Clément Giboulot

Ingénieur DevOps et UX/UI Design

Havva Bastan


Elevate your hiring skills

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Our mission is to transform the design.

On the other end of the line are well-meaning, talented people doing their best with what they have: a tangled web of tribal knowledge, spreadsheets, and outdated systems. Our technology provides teams a way to balance efficiency and performance with a caring and empowering environment.

Meet the team

Bessie Cooper

Founder and CEO

Cody Fisher

Chief Marketing Officer

Annette Black

Chief Technology Officer

Eleanor Pena

Head of Design

Esther Howard

Chief Account Manager

Albert Flores

Legal Advisor

Floyd Miles

Senior Backend Developer

Jerome Bell

UX Designer

Kathryn Murphy

Account Manager

Esther Howard


Jenny Wilson

Full Stack Developer

Donald Grains

3D Designer